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About Health & Fitness(www.healthyu247.com)

Health & Fitness(www.healthyu247.com) was supported by nutritionist Kushal Parekh to produce tailored nutritionary recommendation and services to customers and also the company sector.

After serving 10 years within the HEALTH & FITNESS business, Dietitian, Kushal Parekh accomplished there was a necessity to offer patients elaborated bespoken recommendation and offer businesses some way to boost employees well-being.

The tailored recommendation offer is encouraging during a world that revolves around rage diets and conflicting inaccurate data.

The Health & Fitness(www.healthyu247.com) team are acutely conscious of however multiple factors impacts on health, and so continually have their clients; dietary, health, economic and well-being interests at the bottom.

They do not solely offer this distinctive nutrition service however additionally worldwide and that they won a souvenir back for being so innovative!


Health & Fitness(www.healthyu247.com) award-winning nutritionary consultants not solely provides a personal specialist recommendation on diet and health, however, they additionally analyze biopsy results to confirm nutrient levels are optimum crucial the foremost acceptable programme for every individual.

The key areas we have a tendency to specialize in our dietetical and on the far side, however not restricted to include:

  • Gut health
  • Chronic unhealthiness
  • Poor sleep
  • Stress
  • Psychological state
  • Performance at work
  • Fatigue
  • Secretion imbalances
  • Disordered consumption
  • Resistant weight loss
  • Sports nutrition


As a result of we all know however frustrating it will be to decipher the nice nutrition messages from the unhealthy.
We all know standard drugs aren’t for everybody. many of us struggle with their health day to day with no answers. we will facilitate those folks by staring at up symptoms from cellular level up.
Kushal himself has crushed chronic sickness with a mixture of medical and nutritionary data.
Our nutritional/medical combination approach delivers proved results.
We have a tendency to do the science, therefore, you’ll be able to EAT the REWARDS!!

Did You Know?

We embody a way to search healthily whereas grappling those food bills, tasty cost-cutting healthy lunch ideas, recipes for convenience and far more… we have a tendency to treat the entire person.


As well as making the most of our recommendation and nutrition plans, you may be happy to seek out that by turning into a Health & Fitness(www.healthyu247.com) consumer and victimization this service you may probably scale back your carbon footprint.

Assisting the setting thanks to this paperless system and also the redundancy of transport helps not solely profit you, however the planet around us too.